Free Marketing Resources

Innova is proud to offer these free marketing resources. Make sure to read our blog for other helpful fraternity/sorority marketing tips, ideas, and resources!


Non-Greek Market Research

What do non-Greek students actually think about fraternities and sororities? What is keeping them from joining? This research study is the first of its kind -- a nationwide survey of non-Greek students to understand their needs, desires, and point of view. As it turns out, they don't hate us... they just don't know us. 


IFC Fraternity Expansion Research report

In partnership with our sister company, Phired Up Productions, we wondered, “How can fraternity headquarters be more in tune with campus professionals for effective fraternity expansion efforts?” This research study unveils a wide gap in sophistication of expansion proposals and presentations, and also uncovers the four keys for HQs to land expansion projects at the campuses they desire.

PR Chair Research Report

What if there were 12,000 reputation warriors who had volunteered to help improve the image of Greek Life? There are. But they're untrained, underfunded, and unprepared. Our industry needs to serve our chapter and council PR Chairs better. Read this report to learn why that's so important. 

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