Why We Won't Sell You a Greek Beer Koozie

by Matt Mattson

Marshall McLuhan once said, “The medium is the message.” In other words, the tools used to communicate say as much, if not sometimes more, than the words themselves.


Why? Because the medium is the message. Because emblazoning your letters on a beer holder says far more about fraternity/sorority (yours and MINE) than whatever accompanies your letters on the koozie.

Put, “ABY: We Save Babies” on a beer koozie and it still communicates, “I mostly like to get drunk.”

Put “Rho Beta Upsilon: The First Sorority With a Chapter On Mars” on a beer koozie, and it still communicates, “just another drunk sorority chick.”

Put “Beta Beta Beta: The Service Fraternity For Orphaned Christian Veterans” on a beer koozie… you get the idea.

Seriously, the medium is often more important than the message.

We won’t sell you beer koozies because we’re better than that and so are you. Let’s raise the bar of fraternity/sorority life together.

Up next, croakies…