What Story Does Your Greek Life Website Tell?

by Matt Mattson

Do me a favor. Before you read any further, go to your campus community’s Fraternity/Sorority Website homepage. Try to look at it like a curious 17-year-old incoming student. Just look it over objectively. WHAT STORY DOES IT TELL YOU ABOUT YOUR FRATERNITY/SORORITY COMMUNITY?

Is it compelling?



Up to date?

Emotionally moving?

About what you want it to be about?

I get to visit lots of these Greek Life websites. Often to find the phone number of the Greek Advisor on campus. And these sites are too often… painful. From a marketing perspective, they sometimes do exactly the OPPOSITE of what you’d want them to.

I think the first page prospective members and their families find about your Greek community should do two things and two things only.

  1. Emotionally convey your primary marketing narrative (the one clear story your community wants to tell about itself).
  2. Make it easy for a prospect to give their name and contact information so they can be connected to real fraternity/sorority leaders.

Instead, you probably found some outdated pictures, a wordy mission statement, lots of information about sanctions, grades, sexual assault, and hazing, or worse.

Not all fraternity/sorority community websites are bad. Just most of them. I hope yours is GREAT! If you think you have an example of an excellent website for your fraternity/sorority community, send it my way and I’d love to share it with the world.