Seek and Ye Shall Find

by Matt Mattson

Who is your fraternity/sorority experience NOT currently attracting?
Who are the people who need Greek Life on your campus, but aren’t finding their way there?
Who would make your organizations better?
Who do you want, but can’t get?
Who do you never even interact with, and therefore don’t know if they’d be good members?

Most of our fraternity/sorority marketing (and recruitment) is aimed at the people we’re probably already going to get anyway. We waste money, time, and lots of energy trying to convince the 10% of people who already like us to like us. We are preaching to the choir, and it’s costing us money.

What if we picked a segment of our campus population that doesn’t ever hear our “Go Greek” hollers, and spoke to them in ways that they’d like to be spoken to?

What if we decided that this upcoming semester we were going to intentionally try to diversify our pool of prospects by aiming a concerted effort an obviously underrepresented population in our organizations?

If we did those things, would the people who were already going to show up stop showing up? Probably not.

To build the Greek community/organization you imagine, you must seek the people who you require.

Who will you seek this semester?