Make It Really Easy For Those Seeking Membership

by Matt Mattson

If someone is interested in Greek Life, it should be RIDICULOUSLY SIMPLE for them to a) learn more and b) indicate their interest by signing up somewhere.

However, most campus fraternity/sorority community websites, most inter/national headquarters websites, most chapter websites, and most Greek Life social media feeds make it virtually impossible to effectively do either of these things.

We’re not really in the “website design” business, but Innova often finds itself helping communities simplify user experience for prospective members hoping to learn more. Marketing, after all, isn’t just designing flashy stuff — sometimes it’s about SIMPLIFYING. In fact, often it is about simplifying.

Is it simple for someone on your campus (or who might be interested in learning about your organization) to a) learn exactly what steps they should take next, and b) actually give you their name, contact information, and a little info about themselves?

In our free E-book on fraternity/sorority marketing (download here), our #1 essential marketing tactic is to have an effective online leads generator.

We have some favorite examples of groups doing this right.

  1. Let’s start with ourselves. This was one of the main points of We’re pretty proud of it.
  2. ATO is doing something awesome (we’re proud to be helping them). Check out They’re not leading with “fraternity lingo,” but it’s clear what someone should do to share their contact info with them.
  3. We’re working with the University of California-Irvine Greek Life office to do some innovative marketing stuff (direct E-mails, social media advertising, community narrative, etc.) They’ve created a “recruitment micro-site” with key information for PNMs, AND they’re using a smart ChapterBuilder form. Check it out:
  4. A long-time favorite of ours is from Phi Delta Theta —

Along with our partners at TechniPhi, we can help campuses, HQ’s, and chapters streamline the process for potential members to learn more and sign up.

Now, making it easy for people who are already interested in joining is not the primary focus of our marketing strategy. We want to help campuses and organizations find more high quality people than the ones they’re already attracting. But, shouldn’t it be as easy as possible for great people who are already interested to raise their hand and say, “Hi, I’d like to learn more.” We think so.