Keep Singing Your Greek Life Song

by Matt Mattson

I posted a tweet last week that read, “#GreekLife marketing should be a repeatable SYSTEM. A storytelling machine. A consistently sung song filling the air of campus.” That last line has been stuck in my head like these tunes are probably stuck in yours. “A consistently sung song filling the air of campus.”

Great marketing is like a great song. Here’s how…
-It doesn’t just shout the message the listener. There’s finesse and art involved.
-The song has a point — often found in the chorus — that the singer keeps coming back to. Much like we teach Greek communities and organizations to identify their primary narrative and talking points.
-Ideally, the song isn’t just sung by the artist, but if it is catchy, it is sung by the listener too — it gets subconsciously stuck in their head and they sing along without even knowing. Great marketing efforts are about the “buyer,” and if they see themselves in the marketing effort they’ll spread the message too.
-The song gets sung over and over. Maybe there are remixes, mashups, or medleys, but if the song is to become a hit it needs to be played through multiple channels repeatedly. Just like your marketing efforts.

Start your marketing song writing with a catchy hook — what’s the one thing you want non-Greeks (or your chosen audience) to hear? That’s the place to start.

We have a beautiful song to sing as fraternity/sorority members — it’s a song about a caring community, true emotion-filled human connection, a humanitarian’s heart, and the intentional growth of tomorrow’s leaders. Let’s join together and sing. Let’s fill the air of campuses across North America with a ballad that soars.