IFC Fraternity Expansion Research Report


Innova is proud to unveil the marketing research work our team conducted last year on IFC Fraternity Expansion. In partnership with our sister company, Phired Up Productions, we wondered “How can fraternity headquarters be more in tune with campus professionals for effective fraternity expansion efforts?”

Our team helps both headquarters and campus partners with growth marketing. For fraternity/sorority HQs, we’re often working to help re-brand an organization, or re-design expansion proposals, presentation strategies, or recruitment materials. We’ve found that the gap between highly professional fraternity headquarters and very amateur fraternity headquarters is very wide when it comes to expansion materials themselves. We want to help close that gap. We want to help fraternities present sophisticated storytelling strategies that help them get on the campuses where they can be most successful. We want to help campuses find the fraternities that will most effectively add to their mix of existing organizations.

We’re proud of this and other marketing research we’ve done recently. Please download, read, and share with your staff and board members.

Special thanks to Erin Chatten, Phired Up’s director of research for conducting and analyzing this study. The research, coaching, and education team at Phired Up are excellent partners for Innova to work with as we use all available resource to help our clients (and the whole fraternity/sorority industry) grow.