Greek Life Marketing is Like a 4th Grade Bake Sale

by Matt Mattson

I was giving a presentation on marketing best practices for fraternities and sororities the other night, and in a moment of passionate and extemporaneous exclamation I said, “Honestly, the way most fraternity/sorority communities market themselves right now is about as good as the promotion of a 4th grade bake sale.”

Maybe that was a bit harsh.

But man, oh man… We can do better brothers and sisters.

Our organizations are made of almost A MILLION college students, we’re over A HUNDRED YEARS OLD, we are major international non-profit organizations with HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS flowing through us. Think about that. We’re huge, important, influential, and powerful. We should be doing marketing akin to Nike, Apple, Disney, or at least TOMS or something like that. Instead, if we objectively considered the level of marketing we’re doing on MOST campuses, it’s not world class. It’s tabling, sidewalk chalk, t-shirts, and occasionally some printed materials. (And excuse my continuing rant, but…) when campuses or HQ’s or chapters do printed marketing materials, they all say the same thing: “Go Greek,” “Leadership, Scholarship, Service,” “We make wo/men better.” Bleh. Boring, not exciting, not enchanting, not intoxicating, not inspiring. (Rant over)

We can do better.

We — fraternities and sororities in 2015 — deserve a more sophisticated, professional, world-class approach to marketing. We have a powerful story to tell about personal impact, human connection, community building, expectations of excellence, serving mankind, etc., etc.

This is why we’re passionate about doing this work at Innova. Here is our manifesto. Many people are surprised when they learn that EXCELLENT marketing can be really affordable and simple. That’s what we’re working to create for you.

Thanks for reading. Let’s work together to step it up.